Kleiman, Julie



Julie Kleiman.jpg (30752 bytes) Julie (Kleiman) Mirshad

B.S., Chemistry, 1991-SUNY at Binghamton

Ph.D., 2001 -  University of California, Davis, CA

Current address:

Science Teacher
Newark Unified School District
5715 Musick Ave
Newark, CA 94560
Tel: (510) 818-4103

Mirshad, J.K. and Kowalczykowski, S.C.  (2003).
Biochemical basis of the constitutive coprotease activity of RecA P67W protein.
Biochemistry, 42
, 5937-5944. PMID: 12741852. 
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Mirshad, J.K. and Kowalczykowski, S.C. (2003).
Biochemical characterization of a mutant RecA protein altered in DNA-binding loop 1.
Biochemistry, 42
, 5945-5954. PMID: 12741853. 
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