Ono, Satona




Satona Ono

B.S., 2004, Science - B.S., Japan Women's University

M.S., 2006, Life Science - University of Tokyo

Ph.D., 2009, Life Science - University of Tokyo

Postdoctoral Scholar, 2011-2016, University of California, Davis, CA

2006 Excellent research award, Department of Medical Genome Science, University of Tokyo


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Shibayama, M., Ohno, S., Osaka, T., Sakamoto, R., Tokunaga, A., Nakatake, Y., Sato, M., and Yoshida, N. (2009)
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Ohno, S., Shibayama, M., Sato, M., Tokunaga, A., and Yoshida, N.  (2011).
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