Sumit Sandhu (Hunter Lab) was selected to the T32 postdoctoral training program in Oncogenic Signals and Chromosome Biology. Congratulations!

Victoria Myers, an undergraduate student working in Dr. Su-Ju Lin’s lab, was awarded a President’s Undergraduate Fellowship for 2013-14. Victoria, who has been working in the Lin lab since 2012 as a BUSP Scholar, was also selected to participate in the Biology Scholars Advanced Research Program for 2013-14 (BSHARP). Victoria’s graduate student mentor in the Lin lab is Felicia Tsang.

Congratulations to Professor Lifeng Xu for being selected a 2013-2014 UC Davis Hellman Fellow. The Hellman Family Foundation contributed funds to establish the UC Davis Hellman Fellows Program to provide support and encouragement for the research of promising Assistant Professors who exhibit potential for great distinction in their research, and who have documented a need for funding. Congratulations to this well-deserved recognition!

Sucheta (Rinti) Mukherjee was appointed to the T32 training grant in pharmacology. Congratulations!

Aurèle Piazza (Heyer Lab) obtained a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) to study the mechanism of homology search during  recombinational DNA repair. Congratulations!

Michiko Kato (Lin Lab) and Rita Luu (Parales Lab) are two of the recipients of the 2012-13 CBS Dean’s Mentorship Award, which provides support to a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the mentorship of undergraduate students, and additional funding to support the research of the undergraduates who are being mentored by that graduate student. Congratulations!

Duy Tran, an undergraduate student working in Dr. Lifeng Xu’s lab, was awarded a President’s Undergraduate Fellowship for 2012-13.

Becky Fu (Heyer Lab): President’s Undergraduate FellowshipChancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, and Ronald and Lydia Baskin Award.  After her graduation with a BS in Genetics, Becky joined the Genetics Graduate Program atStanford University. Congratulations!

Aaron Heuckroth, one of the Microbiology Dept. peer advisors for 2011-12, was awarded the 2012 College of Biological Sciences Medal.  As the commencement speaker, Aaron wrote and performed a song called “The ballad of UC Davis” at the Spring 2012 CBS Commencement.

Eric Mann is the recipient of the 2012 Excellence in Teaching Award by the Academic Federation of The University of California, Davis. This is the highest recognition of teaching excellence for members of the Academic Federation.