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Events & Seminars

  • December 2 at 4:10 pm Dr. Katherine Ralston “Amoebic trogocytosis and human cell killing by Entamoeba histolytica”, Life Sciences room 1022


  • Professor Mariel Vaquez is featured in two YouTube videos on the topic of DNA Topology: 1) The Shape of DNA (The amazing knots, twists and turns inside our cells), and 2) How DNA unties its own knots (How “Pac-Man” unties knots in our DNA).

  • Congratulations to  Research Professor Emeritus Jack Meeks, who received the Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship award. The annual award supports emeriti in their continuing research, teaching, and/or public service. Professor Meeks’ research project is “Microscopic Documentation of Protein Localization and Motility Behavior in Filaments of the Symbiotic Cyanobacterium N. punctiforme”.

  • Dominant mutation in new Fanconi anemia gene poisons recombinational DNA repair. Read more here and read the article in Molecular Cell.


  • Imaging and energetics of single SSB-ssDNA molecules reveal intramolecular condensation and insight into RecOR function. [Kowalczykowski]
  • Metabolic functions of Pseudomonas fluorescens strains from Populus deltoides depend on rhizosphere or endosphere isolation compartment. [Parales]
  • Nullified by a Receiver Domain Missense Substitution. [Stewart]

Awards & Fellowships

  • Congratulations to Briana Gregg, a first year BMCDB graduate student in Professor Sean Collins laboratory who was awarded the highly competitive Floyd and Mary Schwall Fellowship in Medical Research for the 2015-18 academic years. (more…)

  • George Bell, a first year BMCDB graduate student in Professor Sean Collins’ laboratory, receives the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2014-15. Congratulations! (more…)