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Events & Seminars

  • April 23 at 4:10 pm: Dr. Jon Zehr (UC Santa Cruz), “Free-living and Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation in the Oceans”, Life Sciences room 1022

  • April 29 at 3:00 pm: Dr. Lotte Sogaard-Andersen (Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology), “Regulation of cell division in Myxococcus xanthus”, Life Sciences room 1022


  • DNA repair protein Rad54 acts like a three-way zipper in forming a key intermediate in recombinational DNA repair. Read more here and read the article in Molecular Cell from the Heyer laboratory.
  • Two species of bacteria living on the ocean floor have teamed up in a unique symbiotic relationship to form a critical link in the Earth’s nitrogen cycle, reports a research team that includes Professor Scott Dawson and his graduate student Marissa Hirst. [Full Story]


  • The ability of thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) to sense T4 (3,5,3′,5′-tetraiodo-thyronine) as an agonist depends on receptor isoform and on cellular cofactors. [Privalsky]
  • Growth of Myxococcus xanthus in continuous flow cell bioreactors as a method for studying development. [Singer]
  • The HAMP signal-conversion domain: static two-state or dynamic three-state? [Stewart]


  • MIC-101 Instructor Summer Session I [Details]

Awards & Fellowships

  • Trevor Croft (Lin Lab) was selected to receive a 2014 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship that will provide him with 3 years of stipend support.  Congratulations!

  • Congratulations to Felicia Tsang (Lin Lab) who was awarded a 2013-14 CBS Dean’s Mentorship Award, which provides support to a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the mentorship of undergraduate students, and additional funding to support the research of the undergraduates who are being mentored by that graduate student.