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  • May 31 at 4:10 pm Dr. Michael Bassik, Genetics Department Stanford University, “Development of new CRISPR/Cas9-based tools to study drug interactions through knockout and directed evolution”, 1022 Life Sciences

  • June 7 at 4:10 pm Dr. Ami Bhatt, Department of Genetics, Stanford University, “Microbial metagenomic plasticity in clinical timescales”, 1022 Life Sciences

News & Awards

  • Congratulations to Sean Collins on being named 2017 Kimmel Scholar. The Kimmel Scholar Award is given to 15 of the nation’s most promising young researchers leading the fight against cancer. The 2017 awards represent the final class of Kimmel Scholars. [Article]

  • Laurels: JaRue Manning, ‘Double’ Distinguished Emeritus [Article]

  • Professor Emeritus JaRue Manning received the 2017 UC Davis Distinguished Emeritus Award. (more…)


  • Srs2 promotes synthesis-dependent strand annealing by disrupting DNA polymerase δ-extending D-loops. [Heyer]
  • A resistance to thyroid hormone syndrome mutant operates through the target gene repertoire of the wild-type thyroid hormone receptor. [Privalsky]
  • PHF11 promotes DSB resection, ATR signaling, and HR. [Kowalczykowski]