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Events & Seminars

  • October 18 at 4:10 pm Dr. Scott Dawson, “Cytoskeletal organelle duplication, divergence, and evolution in Giardia”, 1022 Life Sciences

  • October 25 at 4:10 pm Dr. Katherine Ralston, TBA, 1022 Life Sciences

  • November 1 at 4:10 pm Dr. Sean Collins, TBA, 1022 Life Sciences

News & Awards

  • MMG Assistant Professor Sean Collins receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, read more here. This award recognizes the most promising young investigators in the biomedical sciences in the entire US. In his project, Dr. Collins and his team are rewiring the control of leukocyte motility for applications in immunotherapy.

  • Knotty Problems in DNA, read more here

  • Recombination-induced chromosomal rearrangements lead to double-strand break cascade and waves of rearrangements and copy number changes, read more here


  • Pathways of DNA unlinking: A story of stepwise simplification. [Vazquez]
  • Multi-invasions Are Recombination Byproducts that Induce Chromosomal Rearrangements. [Heyer]
  • Independent and Stochastic Action of DNA Polymerases in the Replisome. [Kowalczykowski]