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  • DNA replication up close and personal at single molecule resolution, read more here; Steve Kowalczykowski interviewed on “Science Friday” broadcast on Public Radio International here.

  • Top UC Davis graduate, Srujan Kopparapu earned 2 degrees in 3 years, took average of 21.3 units over 9 quarters; earned 60 units for summer study and  helped provide health screenings, education through student-run clinic.  Srujan has been an intern since his first quarter in the lab of  Neil Hunter, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics who studies the most fundamental processes of how genes are shuffled and passed to the next generation. [Article]
  • Professor Michele Igo receives 2016-17 College of Biological Sciences Faculty Teaching Award. (more…)


  • Independent and Stochastic Action of DNA Polymerases in the Replisome. [Kowalczykowski]
  • Srs2 promotes synthesis-dependent strand annealing by disrupting DNA polymerase δ-extending D-loops. [Heyer]
  • A resistance to thyroid hormone syndrome mutant operates through the target gene repertoire of the wild-type thyroid hormone receptor. [Privalsky]