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Student Announcements

Events & Seminars

  • April 8 at 4:10 pm Felicia Tsang (Lin Lab), Life Sciences room 1022


  • The Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics is proud to welcome 4 new faculty members: Jacqueline Barlow, Sean Collins, Katherine Ralston, and Mariel Vazquez. (more…)


  • RAD54 family translocases counter genotoxic effects of RAD51 in human tumor cells. [Heyer]
  • Systematic Discovery of Human Gene Function and Principles of Modular Organization through Phylogenetic Profiling. [Collins]
  • Integration of chemotaxis, transport and catabolism in Pseudomonas putida and identification of the aromatic acid chemoreceptor PcaY. [Parales]


Awards & Fellowships

  • Congratulations to Trevor Croft (Lin Lab) who was awarded a 2015-16 Dean’s Mentorship Award, which provides support to a graduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the mentorship of undergraduate students, and additional funding to support the research of the undergraduates who are being mentored by that graduate student.

  • Distinguished Professor John Roth receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Society for Microbiology (ASM).  Professor Roth will be honored at the 115th ASM General Meeting in New Orleans May 30 – June 2, 2015.  Congratulations!