Hang Phuong Le

Hang LePhuong

email: hphle@ucdavis.edu

ResearchGate profile

Project: Characterization of BRCA2 N-terminus and Identification of BRCA2-interaction network in homologous recombination regulation at heterochromatin and nucleoli

Scientific interests: Homologous recombination, replication, and cancer and human disease research.


2003-2007:    Hanoi University of Science                              B.S.         Molecular Biology
2007-2010:     Hanoi University of Science                               M.S.         Molecular Biology
2011-2015:     Nara Institute of Science and Technology       Ph.D.       Biochemistry

Work experience:   Protein biochemistry, DNA-Protein interaction, Reconstitution of E. coli replication.


  1. Le HP, Masuda Y, Tsurimoto T, Maki S, Katayama T, Furukohri A & Maki H (2015) Short CCG repeat in huntingtin gene is an obstacle for replicative DNA polymerases, potentially hampering progression of replication fork. Genes Cells. 2015 Oct;20(10):817-33.
  2. Lai PJ, Lim CT, Le HP, Katayama T, Leach DR, Furukohri A & Maki H (2016) Long inverted repeat transiently stalls DNA replication by forming hairpin structures on both leading and lagging strands. Genes Cells. in press