Ash Jay


Project:   Disruption of Homologous recombination by the mis-expression of testis antigen, SYCP3


  1. PhD, Integrative Pathobiology, Heyer Lab, UC Davis  (current)
  2. Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis (current)
  3. M.S. Computer Science
  4. B.S. Computer Science and Engineering


  • 2018 F30 NCI
  • 2018 GGIP Travel Grant
  • 2017 MCB NIH T32 (T32 GM007377)
  • Integrative Pathobiology Graduate Group Fellowship
  • 2016 YEAR Program NIH T32 Research Award (T32OD010931-11)
  • 2016 STAR NIH T35 Research Award (T35OD010956-17)
  • 2015 STAR NIH T35 Research Award (T35OD010956-16)
  • 2014 VSTP Program Fellowship


  • B. Arzi, K. C. Clark , A. Sundaram, F. J.M. Verstraete, N.J. Walker, M.R. Badgley, N. Fazel, W.J Murphy, N. Vapniarsky, D.L. Borjesson. Therapeutic Efficacy of Fresh, Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Severe Refractory Gingivostomatitis in Cats. Stem Cell Translational Med, 2017
  • Zehnder, L. Swift, A. Sundaram, B. Speer, G. Olsen, M. Hawkins, J. Paul-Murphy. Survival, Outcomes and Treatment for Cutaneous and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Avian Species:  87 cases (1998-2014) (Accepted in JAVMA, 2016)
  • A. Sundaram, A. Aakel, D. Lockhart, D. Thaker, and D. Franklin. Efficient fault tolerance in multi-media applications through selective instruction replication. In Workshop on Radiation Effects and Fault Tolerance, 2008
  • J. Clements, A. Sundaram, D. Herman. Implementing Continuation Marks in JavaScript. In proceedings of the 2008 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, 2008.