MIC275 – Seminars in DNA repair and recombination

The Recombination Repair Club at UC Davis includes laboratories whose research interest is in genetic recombination and DNA repair using a wide variety of model systems (Archaea, eubacteria, yeasts, flies, plants) and techniques (Xray crystallography, biochemistry, molecular and classical genetics, cytology). We meet every other week in 1022 Life Sciences (unless noted otherwise) on Mondays at 10:00 – 12:00 to discuss recent publications in the field and new research projects or to enjoy seminars by guest speakers. The following laboratories are involved: Baldwin, Britt, Burgess, Burtis, David, Engebrecht, Heyer, Hunter, Kowalczykowski, Nunnari, Roth, Segal, Xu.

Wolf-Dietrich Heyer
Tel. (530) 752-3001

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Fall 2015

Oct. 5 Roth lab: John Roth – “Origin of mutations under selection:  Palindromes and duplications”

Oct. 19 Heyer lab: Aurele Piazza “Multiple invasions-mediated chromosomal translocation: a genomic instability mechanism resulting from homology search byproducts”

Nov. 2 Segal lab

Nov. 16 Kowalczykowski lab

Nov. 30  Burgess lab



Past sessions:

Fall 2013

CRN 41784 – MIC 275

Oct. 7 Heyer lab (GBSF 1005)
Ryan Janke
“Regulation of the homologous recombination proteins Rad55-Rad57 in response to DNA damage”. Exit Seminar.

Oct. 21 Britt lab (LS 1022)
Victor Missirian
“Transcriptional response to ionizing radiation: a comparison with conventional stresses”

Nov. 4 Hunter lab (LS 1022)
Masayoshi Honda
“Tales of unity and separation: Single-molecule FRET studies of DNA helicase and DNA annealing protein”
Nov. 18 David lab (LS 1022)
Dec. 2 Kowalczykowski lab (LS 1022)
Winter 2014
CRN tba – MIC 275

Jan. 13 Burgess (SLB 2064)

Jan. 27 Engebrechjt (SLB 2064)

Feb. 10 Roth (SLB 2064)

Feb. 24 Xu (SLB 2064)

Mar. 10 Segal (SLB 2064)
Spring 2014 – No MIC275

Winter 2014 – MIC276
(contact Wolf Heyer wdheyer@ucdavis.edu)
Spring 2014MIC263
(contact Stephen Kowalczykowski sckowalczykowski@ucdavis.edu)