ASM, the American Society for Microbiology, is the undergraduate Davis Chapter of the National American Society for Microbiology. We are an academically oriented club that provides a friendly environment for peers to meet, to network, and have fun! We bring in guest speakers to talk about their current research and provide opportunities for our members to be a part of that research. We also host field trips to potential future workplaces in the field. Are you interested yet? Join us and see what we’re all about!


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Upcoming Events

10/6/2016 – 1st general meeting, orientation

-A general overview of what we do as a club and what we are planning to do this quarter.

10/20/2016 – 2nd general meeting, Guest Speaker: Jessica Franco

Jessica Franco, a microbiology graduate student at the Coaker Lab, and one of our MIC104L TA’s, is currently investigating the role of secreted bacterial proteins and citrus proteases in citrus greening. She has mentioned that her research not only focuses on scientific research, but also aims to alleviate economical damages due to citrus greening that affects many oranges throughout the U.S.

11/3/2016 – 3rd general meeting, Guest Speaker: Dr. Daniel Kluepfel

-The majority of Dr. Kluepfel’s research focuses on bacterial diseases of almonds and walnuts, specifically crown gall disease.

11/9/2016 – Blaze Pizza Social/Fundraiser

-Come take a break from your second round of midterms to join us for dinner at Blaze Pizza! In addition, a portion of money from each purchase this night will be donated to the club.

Important Links

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