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Bradford Protein Assay
Colony Hybridization
Common Media Recipes
Lowry Protein Assay
Microtiter Plate Beta-Galactosidase Assay
Myxococcus Chromosomal DNA Prep
Myxococcus Electroporation
Myxococcus Total RNA Prep
Myxococcus Spore Assay
Plasmid Miniprep
Process Microarrays
Protein Slot Blot
RNA Slot Blot
SDS-PAGE and Western Blots
Synthesis of Fluorescently Labelled cDNA for Microarrays
QPCR (start to finish)
Wild Myxococcus Isolation
Yeast Competent Cells
Yeast Transformation

Biological Agent Use Authorization
Biological Safety Training Requirements
Radiation Use Authorization, Safety Protocol
Radiation Use Authorization, Safety Protocol Addendum