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MIC-104L Petition/Section Change (Fall 2017)

Academic Calendar        
Deadline to submit form:   May 24th    
Lab assignment list will be posted:   June 1st   outside Briggs Hall room 357

Admission to MIC-104L is by petition only.  Please submit the following information.

  Last First MI
E-mail Address:  @ucdavis.edu  
Student ID:    

Emphasis (if any):   
Class Level:    

When did you take MIC-104 or MIC-102?
When do you plan to graduate? 

Except for Microbiology majors, MIC-102 or MIC-104 must be taken before MIC-104L. For Microbiology majors, MIC-102 can be taken concurrently with MIC-104L.  This requirement will be strictly enforced!

By checking this button , I guarantee that all information provided above is correct, and I am now informed that the above information will be validated against information stored in the campus student information system (SIS).

Please rank only the sections you will actually be able to attend.  Once a student is assigned to a section, it will be nearly impossible to switch sections.  Please be aware that this course requires students to perform some work outside of class time and plan your schedule accordingly.

  Lecture   Lab   1st 2nd 3rd N/A
  M   12:10 pm - 01:00 pm   T R   09:00 am - 11:50 am  
  M   12:10 pm - 01:00 pm   T R   01:10 pm - 04:00 pm  
  M   12:10 pm - 01:00 pm   W F   09:00 am - 11:50 am  

By checking this button , I understand that if I am granted a spot in MIC-104L through this petition process, I must show up on time for the first meeting of my assigned lab.  If I am more than 10 minutes late or do not show up for the first meeting of my assigned lab, I forfeit my spot in all sections of this impacted class.

Reason you need the course this quarter:

By checking this button , I agree to e-mail MicroLabInfo@ucdavis.edu if I decide not to take the lab this quarter, after submitting this petition.

If you wish to update submitted petition information at a later time, simply complete and submit this form again. Any previous submissions will be discarded.

You may wish to print this page before submitting it.

, which will generate a confirmation page.  Note: this system does not generate e-mail confirmations, at this time.

If you do not see a confirmation page, or have problems with this form, please e-mail MicroLabInfo@ucdavis.edu.