Microarray Data

Publications with GenePix Result Files

Elsie L. Campbell, Michael L. Summers, Harry Christman, Miriam E. Martin, and John C. Meeks. 2007. Global Gene Expression Patterns of Nostoc punctiforme in Steady-State Dinitrogen-Grown Heterocyst-Containing Cultures and at Single Time Points during the Differentiation of Akinetes and Hormogonia. J. Bacteriol. 189(14):5247-5256. [PDF] [GPR Files]

Elsie L. Campbell, Harry Christman, and John C. Meeks. 2008. DNA Microarray Comparisons of Plant Factor- and Nitrogen Deprivation-Induced Hormogonia Reveal Decision-Making Transcriptional Regulation Patterns in Nostoc punctiforme. J. Bacteriol. 190(22):7382-7391. [PDF] [GPR Files]

Harry D. Christman, Elsie L. Campbell, and John C. Meeks. 2011. Global Transcription Profiles of the Nitrogen Stress Response Resulting in Heterocysts or Hormogonium Development in Nostoc punctiforme. J. Bacteriol. 193(24):6874-6886. [PDF] [GPR Files]