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Movies!   37°C:  1 mM ATP        23°C:   1 mM ATP;    250 µM ATP #1;    250 µM ATP #2;    no ATP [Graph - Functional stoichiometry determination for RecBCD enzyme]
(see coverage in Biophotonics (2001) 8, 48-49   [TOC] [PDF])
(see UC Davis Division of Biological Sciences Newsletter [PDF])

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San Francisco Chronicle - January 20, 2001 - excerpt
Full article - "Watch DNA Unzip in Micromovie-Molecular action film highlights potential of nanotechnology"

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News & Information at UC Davis News Service  [Full Text]
Nanotech Dreams - The Scientist 16[5]:34, Mar. 4, 2002 - Excerpt Full article
Davis  Community  Television
- February 8, 2001 7:00 PM  - "Get The Word Out." Double helix unwinds on camera. Stephen Kowalczykowski interviewed by Jon Price. (Rerun on Tues Feb 13, 2001 at 7:30 PM). [VIDEO]

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