Postdoctoral positions funded under the UC Davis NIH T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, "Oncogenic Signals and Chromosome Biology”.

The NIH funded T32 fellowship program in Oncogenic Signals and Chromosome Biology (OSCB) developed from a general interest in cellular responses and signal pathways, integrating both responses to the cellular environment mediated by cell surface receptors and to signals initiated inside of the cell nucleus such as damage to DNA. While diverse in nature, these signals are often inseparable and interconnected by kinases and cascades of phosphorylation. The majority of the research projects conducted with mentors in the OSCB Fellowship Program involve detailed mechanistic studies complemented
by animal models. Mentors are drawn both from the UC Davis cancer research community and from scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; a formal collaborative agreement brings the two institutions together for cancer-related research. The OSCB program offers postdoctoral fellowships to individuals holding PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degrees. Applicants will have had zero, one, two, three, or four years of prior fellowship experience. MD only applicants should demonstrate research experience and associated publications. Applicants must be US citizens, US non-citizen nationals (pertains only to residents of American Samoa or Swains Islands), or permanent residents. Individuals with temporary or student visas are not eligible to apply. The grant for OSCB provides for six fellowships annually. Salary is stipulated annually by the National Service Research Administration (NSRA) based on years of postdoctoral experience. Fellows are appointed for one year with a possibility of one extension for a second year contingent on satisfactory progress and evidence that alternative external funding has been sought. The deadline is generally ongoing, meaning applications are accepted at any time, but will be reviewed only when a vacancy arises or is anticipated.

For additional information and an application package see
OSCB, or contact the program administrator, Sharon Boylan, at or (530) 752-2626.

All other enquiries regarding postdoctoral positions should be directed to Carol Nickles:

Candidate graduate students should apply via one of the following graduate groups:
Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Undergraduates interested in doing research should contact Carol Nickles: