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From information to knowledge: new technologies for defining gene function.
Collins SR, Weissman JS, Krogan NJ.
Nat Methods. 2009 Oct;6(10):721-23
PMID: 19953683; PMCID: PMC3066030

An ER-mitochondria tethering complex revealed by a synthetic biology screen.
Kornmann B, Currie E, Collins SR, Schuldiner M, Nunnari J, Weissman JS, Walter P.
Science. 2009 Jul 24;325(5939):477-81. doi: 10.1126/science.1175088. Epub 2009 Jun 25
PMID: 19556461; PMCID: PMC2933203

Comprehensive characterization of genes required for protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum.
Jonikas MC, Collins SR, Denic V, Oh E, Quan EM, Schmid V, Weibezahn J, Schwappach B, Walter P, Weissman JS, Schuldiner M.
Science. 2009 Mar 27;323(5922):1693-7. doi: 10.1126/science.1167983
PMID: 19325107; PMCID: PMC2877488