Mariel Vazquez Discusses the Mathematics of the Shape of DNA [Article]

Congratulations to Professor Scott Dawson on becoming chair of the Microbiology Graduate Group. Scott will be leading a large and diverse graduate group with 62 graduate students and 77 faculty spanning more than 25 UC Davis departments.

Congratulations to Professor Neil Hunter and Chris Nosala (Graduate Student with Professor Scott Dawson) for being awarded the Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research/Mentoring Undergraduate Research. [Article]  Two out of four 2018 awards went to the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics showing our dedication to mentoring undergraduate students in research.

Congratulations to Priya Shah for being awarded the Murray B Gardner Junior Faculty Research Fellowship from the Center for Comparative Medicine, to establish a zebrafish model to unravel mechanisms of Zika virus-associated microcephaly.

Passion for Research Leads to Baskin Award for Benjamin Mallory [Article]

Congratulations to Professor Scott Dawson, for his promotion to full Professor. This is a highly deserved recognition of his great contributions to the academic mission of our department, college and university.

Shining Light on the Social Lives of Viruses [Article]

Guardians of the Genome: UC Davis researchers unlock the genetics of cancer to advance the future of personalized medicine. [Article]

MMG Assistant Professor Sean Collins receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, read more here. This award recognizes the most promising young investigators in the biomedical sciences in the entire US. In his project, Dr. Collins and his team are rewiring the control of leukocyte motility for applications in immunotherapy.

Knotty Problems in DNA, read more here

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